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Tired of being hit with surprise power rate increases? Create your own energy at home and save! Find out how much you can save today.

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Nevada homeowners have a choice!  For the first time, you can choose your power company.

Lock in savings with a home solar system.  Stop dealing with constant rate increases!  Lock in 20-40% in monthly savings today.

Solar power for homes is good for the environment in a few ways. It cuts down on the need for fossil fuels, which helps to lower pollution and slow down global warming. Solar energy is clean, meaning it doesn't harm the air or water. Plus, when more houses use solar panels, it makes our energy supply more reliable and less dependent on the power grid.

Producing your own power means you save on your home energy costs.  Energy costs are constantly rising but with your own system, you're not affected by unpredictable price hikes. It's like locking in a low, fixed rate for electricity, giving you financial peace of mind. Investing in solar panels puts the control back in your hands, ensuring you don't overpay for power.

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Options With No Up Front Costs!

With Get Solar, we have options with ZERO up-front costs. You simply agree to change your power company, to lower power rates, and clean, renewable energy. Then you can goodbye to the power company, their constant rate increases, and dirty power. Get predictable power savings and put money in your pocket immediately!

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